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    Facebook Is Thinking About Crypto Currency With New Block-Chain Unit
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    Facebook Is Thinking About Crypto Currency With New Block-Chain Unit

    Facebook (FB) was on the waves in the crypto currency space on Tuesday when reports surfaced that it is exploring block-chain with a new team run by one of its most visible executives.

    Blockchain is a shareable electronic ledger that serves as an immutable record of users transactions — financial or otherwise — with them, Facebook is exploring not only one of the hottest trends right now, but one that could have added benefits to users of the social network.

    Omar Akhtar, an industry analyst with Altimeter Group, said that;
    “Facebook has a huge stake in transactions with people and the way we really exchange ideas and goods online,”
    “People are already doing so much on Facebook. They are selling their businesses, they are buying goods, and they are paying each other. They are calling each other. With crypto currency, Facebook is getting ahead of the curve. I would not say they are going to innovate in the crypto space — they are going to wait until something is more tangible that they can get into without a ton of risk. But it will be a while before that happens, and we might even see an acquisition or two.”

    Date_Posted:---2018-05-12 19:29:54

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