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    Complete Guide To Your Dream Jobs In Nigeria

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    Most time, the problem is not the availability of the jobs but, knowing the type of job that best describes your carrier. Are my prepared for this job? This should be the critical question that suppose live indelible in our minds.

    From all indications, many people have been a victim of this problem facing us, this issue of unemployment. But from my recent investigation, I came to realize that, jobs are available somehow and the problem becomes the best candidate to fill-in the available positions.

    To justify my fact with this brief tale, a brother to my in-law who read Computer science and engineering at ESUT (Enugu state University Of Science and Technology) came to live with his brother at Lagos. He stayed for over 5years without disturbing to even get a job or create one for self. It happened that my in-law got tired of him and decided to get him a job.

    Do you know what happened, on the day of interview, he dodged the whole process and ran down to villa with the money supposed to use and make it to the interview destination. The funny thing is that, my in-law was the one who wrote CV and cover letter for him yet, he messed-up the whole process.

    Inferiority-complex, yes! He is not prepared while there is job waiting for him. This is what led to my investigation and I found out that, many young Nigerians are not prepared even when the jobs are there. So, I decided to solve and remedy this situation by writing this COMPLETE GUIDE TO YOUR DREAM JOBS IN NIGERIA before hands.

    This is to enable the employees to prepare on time and get ready for any job interview and make a reputable remark that will even leave the employer begging them to resume work immediately.

    In this complete guide, you will know:
    1. How to search for your dream jobs in Nigeria and beyond
    2. How to apply for the job (WITH SAMPLE WRITE-UPS)
    3. How to write a good Curriculum vitae CV and Cover Letter that will make the employer invite you for interview (WITH WRITTEN SAMPLES OF CV AND COVER LETTER)
    4. How to go through interview successfully
    5. How to get more promotions while on the job
    You know, I have seen many brilliant ones fail the process of getting jobs and become frustrated. Yes, a whole lot become panicking when it gets to the issue of Jobs and the processes involved to the extent they over-do things that even worsen their presence during the interview day.

    May be you have been a victim of many job-lost for years or you are afraid to attend for one just like the brother to my in-law. I would not blame you, may be you are un-informed about how simple it is to go through the processes of getting yourself a job which requires a process for you to follow.

    And this simple process is what I made easy for every employee in this package, all you have to do is make yourself available with one copy and read with concentration and you will never regret having come across such a marvelous guide.

    May be you have been presented with all types of job books and even encountered a whole lot of them online, well, this is written with master-wealth-experience coming from someone who have undergone all these process before using his experience to guide you through, samples of my converting CVs and Cover Letters are available for you to learn from in this guide.

    If you allow me I could go on and on explaining but, we have to stop a little bit here in order to leave something for the imagination. A whole lot are contained in this guide, just grab one for yourself or children, even friends as a gift, and they will definitely thank you for that.

    Due to time and stresses I encountered while compiling this book, I could have left the price at the rate of N8, 000.00 but as you know, the package is dealing mostly with un-employed who do not have enough money. So, I decided to leave this guide at a flat rate of N2, 799. 00 (two thousand seven hundred and ninety nine naira)

    NOTE: just with two thousand seven hundred and ninety nine naira (N2, 799.00) THIS GREAT JOB GUIDE BECOMES YOURS AUTOMATICALLY. Remember, this is a bonanza price and will go up to N5, 000.00 BY April 30th so, hurry up and grab this opportunity now it is still affordable.

    To make payment follow the details below:
    ACC NAME: Ohagwu Kingsley Ifeanyi
    ACC NO: 0285682350
    BANK: GTBank

    ACC NAME: Ohagwu Kingsley Ifeanyi
    ACC NO: 0054734735
    BANK: access bank plc.

    Then, after payment send the following:
    1. Your correct name
    2. Correct email
    3. Amount paid
    4. Bank paid
    5. State of origin
    6. Teller number
    To email: and your package will be delivered to you with bonus package about CONTENT AND INFORMATION MARKETING attached to it.
    Best regards as you forge ahead to get that your dream jobs.
    Kingsley Anyi
    Administrative Departments, recruiter.ridihow
    Email: ---
    Phone: --- 08169702377

    Date_Posted:---2018-04-09 04:09:55

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Company Name:---House-cleaner coal city (HCC)


Job Wanted/Service Had:---House cleaner and other things needed to be cleaned.

(House-cleaner coal city)
As a cleaning company, our major priority is to give you a cleaner environment.
We help reduce stress by cleaning your houses, halls, toilets, vehicles, event materials etc.

Employers/Service Seekers:

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Name:---ohagwu kingsley ifeanyi

Company Name:---Norwegian Cruises Line Ships Britain


Employment Type/Service Wanted:---Jobs Onboard Norwegian Ships In Britain

Description:---Jobs Onboard Norwegian Ships In Britain With (3,725 British Pounds) Monthly Salary.

Recruiter.ridihow is a recruiting company partnering many companies overseas for job employment opportunities such as: Norwegian Cruises Line St Petersburg United Kingdom and Ubarcon Ltd based in Cather.
We have been recruiting intelligent and disciplined employees contracting them overseas for years now. And there are over 52 job opportunities available now with Norwegian Cruises Line Ships.
For more details and how to proceed for your employment and trip over there, please contact the employer partner here:
Best Regards,
Samson Uba
Administrative Department, recruiter.ridihow
Address: N0 13 Upper-North Avenue, G.R.A Trans-Ekulu Enugu Nigeria
Phone: 08169702377

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Name:---Ubah Samson

Company Name:---Recruiter.ridihow



Description:---Recruiter.ridihow is a recruiting company partnering many schools and companies overseas for study abroad and job employment opportunities such as: Norwegian Cruises Line St Petersburg United Kingdom, Lorma colleges of Nursing and sciences, Ubarcon Ltd based in Cather etc. to mention but a few.
We have been recruiting intelligent and disciplined students and employees contracting them overseas for years now. And there are over 52 job opportunities and study abroad vacancies available now.
For more details and how to proceed for your admission and trip over there, please contact the administrative officer here:

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