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    Tips On How To Save During Your NYSC Service Year
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    This may come handy for PCMs and already serving corpers.
    From yours truly…. Corpa.
    We present to you some tips to help you save during your service year.
    With Corpa,It can only get better .

    1:Rural Communities Boost NYSC Savings:

    Most corp members who served in the rural area have additional saving potential. Their environment is always very conducive due to many factors like less expensive rents, free water source, cheap food and others that enables them to make a lot of savings that has accumulated to their success in saving a large bulk after their service year.

    To top it all some states prefer to pay those in the rural areas as a compensation for staying in the rural areas and not paying their fellow Corpers in the city area.

    2: Get Part Time Job:

    Apart from the above mentioned opportunities can have to save up a lot of money as explained above, Corp members still make money by doing a lot of part time jobs. What are some of these part time jobs Corp members can do and make some additional savings?

    Some of them are enlisted below.

    ¤Freelance Jobs
    A lot of people do not know about the possibility of making a lot of money online. There are a lot of people who are making hundreds of dollars from doing freelance jobs for people.

    Freelancing comes in different ways such as writing, web design, graphic design, data entry and things like that.
    Just go online, Google “freelance jobs” and see the number of possibilities available.

    ¤Private Teaching
    You can find ways to start private lesson for a lot of students. Most parents are in search for teachers to teach their children.
    If your PPA is a school you can always engage the parents about teaching and helping the educational ability of their students.

    These can raise a lot of little income for you from different private lessons here and there. This is something you can do with the extra time you would likely have in your hand.

    In most rural areas most corp members are privileged to have some communities offering them free farmlands. Most of them farm in these land and sell the produce after harvest. The community sometimes helps them to even sell them and the profit acquired can go a long way to increase their savings during the NYSC.

    The retail business is another business that corp members can also consider. Though I do not know much about that business I do know that people can buy in bulk and sell in places where there are high demands for a particular product.

    It does not take them anything to travel to places where they can get these goods in cheaper price and begin to sell them in their new community if there is high demand for them.

    ¤Editing & Proofreading:
    A lot of book and story writers are in need for people who can read their work, help them read it, proofread it and also edit it for a handsome pay.

    You can found this kind of Job offers online. You can also look for publishers and let them know that you are willingly to render such services if such opportunities are available.

    ¤Educational Research:
    They are thousands of students who are always looking for some help with research work, term paper, project work and other school work. You can advertise yourself for such opportunity.

    Advertising yourself can be something as little as creating a photocopy flyer and placing it at relevant places. You can contact business centers who do these things and work along with them.

    There are certain skills that can raise you money without having to be employed by someone. Some of these simple skills include hair making, bead making, making fries, bag making, decoration, manicure and pedicure, makeup artist, and a host of them. Though that would require some marketing effort the rewards can outweigh the stress.

    ¤Extra Allowance:
    In the last clearance of most “good to go” corpers they are usually paid two months allowance at the same time plus an additional transport allowances.

    These last allowances they obtain also go a long way to augment any previous saving which they have thus increases their total savings.

    Certain states like Rivers, Kogi and some others still pay another large sum of money to all passing out corp members, apart from that paid by the federal government, which also contribute to large savings in the wallet of some corp members.

    Note that in all these methods I have outlined there was no suggestion of staying hungry because you want to save but these corp members succeeded because they did not touch their monthly allowance but ate from their new jobs.

    If we keep listing the opportunities the day would fail us. Think and come out with ideas. Work towards them and you will not regret you did. With all this ideas I bet you can make more than N200, 000. You can have large savings to support yourself for the few months after national service.

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Tips On How To Save During Your NYSC Service Year
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