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Welcome to ridihow redirecting!
Ridihow.com is a “HOW TO DO IT” redirecting and traffic web app, developed to help people locate how to do something redirecting them to the main source of the information.

Ridihow can only contain one thousand characters (1000) redirecting you to the major source of the information. You can advertise your products, services and skill-jobs on ridihow by posting what it is you do.

Ridihow have four sections:

1. Premium front page
2. Products page
3. Services page
4. Skill-jobs page


To be a member of ridihow is simple, click the “register free” and get yourself registered.
Then to log in as a free registered member; click the “log-in-free” and log in to the base that contained the products link, services link and the skill-jobs link. You can post in any of those sections by clicking the link.

To view your post, just log-out and click any of the sections and your post is already there.


To become a premium member or post on premium front page, click on “register premium” and read the terms and post your request after you must have obeyed the terms and wait for 12hrs and your premium post go live if qualified.

You can equally place picture targeted advert on any of the four major sections. Each section contains two to three sub-sections attached to it where your picture ad will equally appear as a bonus.

To place picture targeted ad, click on “advertise” on the header page and read the terms of advert.
Thank you very much!

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