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    A famous traveler was giving a befitting lecture about the wonderful places he had been on earth, and he happened to remember some fascinating places and was moved to make a comment like;
    “There are some spectacular places that one can never forget”

    At the point of finishing his statement, an old lady in the back sit, stood up and timidly asked; “oh, my lovely son, can you tell me where I could get a pair? I am always forgetting my pair”

    May be, like this old lady you are continually plagued by misplacing or forgetting certain items. Sometimes, you waste so much a time searching for items like glasses or pencils you used drawing immediately which is usually perched behind your ear.

    Are you the type that always scream at every body saying; I think I just finished using this thing now? And as a lady, you are constantly late for events, because you could not remember the exact date again. Or do you many a times scatter the house because you cannot find your favorite lipsticks?

    If the answer to all these is “yes” please run, do not even think about walking, run to this multi-purpose blog, particularly this article and while running carry your friends, brothers, mothers and fathers along.

    Condemn me not, if I have hit the nail at the head with the above statements. Nothing to argue about, I am certain that I have, because, few among us are fortunate enough not to be absent-minded.

    Remember, poor memory is quite different from absent-mindedness. This is because; people with excellent memory can also be absent-minded.

    In the universities even at home, we have all heard about the absent-minded professor right! Who may bid his wife goodnight and kiss the cat in place of his wife. This does not mean he lacks good memory no! Because, to be a professor you must be laden with excellent memory so,

    There are things that will help you come out of absent-mindedness; -----

    But before we start, try to implement what you read in this article. You cannot get the result if you just read and forget about what you have just read. Many people do say that; they find it difficult to learn at old age. That is not correct. Age is not a barrier to learning; you can learn new trade, skill or life improvement at any age.

    May be, you are too scared to learn, if you really want to learn you can, so, do not use age as a barrier. Truly speaking, absent-minded is nothing but INATTENTION. This is getting our minds preoccupied that we could not pay attention to things like:

    Where we dropped our car keys or if we do lock our doors, That is, the minor things we do continually are not just important enough to occupy our minds, so we degenerate to being absent-minded. So, do these to avoid being absent-minded:

    1. To avoid absent-minded think about what you are doing. Always give your last action a thought.

    Then the second thing to do is:
    2. Using conscious associations (this will help you remember trivial things)
    The most annoying thing in our lives is to forget not to deliver a message or letter. Sometimes, we might have reached our destination or half-way before remembering that the letter was forgotten in our room.

    Sometimes we do remember to carry the message along but left it stocked-up in our pocket.
    Then, look at what to do if you want to be sure you take the letter or message along with you:

    ---- try to decide what it is you saw last before leaving the house. For example, I do see the door-key while leaving the house. That is what I do see personally, now, I make a ridiculous association between door-key and the letter.

    So that, when I leave the house next morning, I look at my door-key as I always do and remember the conscious association I made with the letter and immediately my mind will strike to the letter, this is how I do remember it.

    With each and every person, your ridiculous associations differ, for you, it may be kissing your wife or husband good-bye, and that should be your ridiculous conscious association. Know this; your associations must be ridiculous and or illogical.

    Now, in the case of letter, how can you be sure to deliver the letter? One sure way is to keep it in your hands until you reach the mailing place or if you decide to put it in your pocket, make a conscious association between the person the letter is going to, and the mailing place.

    For example, use ridiculous association like;
    --- seeing the recipient sitting on top of the mailing box or beside the mailing office. Due to the ridiculous conscious association you have made, the letter will come up to your mind for delivery immediately you see the mailing box or office.

    The same idea can be used for all the little things (trivial things) you do forget abruptly. example; assuming your wife called you in the office and asked to buy eggs while coming back. Associate the eggs to grocery stores around and whenever you see grocery store, it will instantly remind you to go and buy the eggs.

    No doubt, at this point, a crucial question will be popping-up in your mind like; “how am I going to remember making these associations regarding all these petty things? Ok! One answer goes for this question______ you have to use some will-power at first, and make sure you do make these associations.

    And definitely you will see the result, and when the result finally comes, you will manage to keep it up, and before you know it, you would have acquired this as a habit.

    Let me tell you, there is no doubt that this system will cure absent-mindedness. This is because,
    1. The eyes cannot see if the mind is absent
    2. Your mind is absent if you put things out mechanically
    3. Remember, the idea of making an association makes you think about what you are doing for, at least a fraction of a second, and it is all that is necessary.

    As absentmindedness is mistaken for poor memory so is it many times blamed for mental block? But I do not think that each have anything to do with another.

    The reason why you may have something at the tip of your tongue and be unable to remember is still obvious to many including me. I cannot assure you of any proven cure for that as I write you now.

    But, using my system as specified will turn around things for good and you will be surprised how often you get a positive result.

    If you encounter such mental blocks or absent-mindedness, look at what to do, try using my system above and if it do not re-appear, forget about the event entirely and you could be surprised how what seems to be impossible to remember at first instance will pop-up your mind immediately. Just always try my suggestions and you will benefit from it and form the habit which will of course help better your memory.

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    Written by Kingsley Anyi
    ridihow admin.

    Date:--2018-06-08 10:53:20

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