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    Truly, technology cannot make up for a poor product or for bad business decisions and poor management practices, but for certainty, we can say as a general rule that, those who take advantage of what technology has to offer are apt to be more successful on their own than those who try to muddle through by doing everything the old fashion way.

    Yet we encounter this type of techno-phobia every minute in our life. These people have for one reason or the other resisted investing time and energy to bring their offices up to the level of sophistication better equipped, that have been provided by the technology of today that you can carry your mortar and bricks office in a brief case moving around.

    Here are the hindering myths and resistance and how I and others have gotten past them: ---


    Most of my faithful subscribers have said this often. I have offered many people the opportunity to tap into the benefits accrued by embracing what technology has for us but, faced a lot of "I do not need it attitude."

    Truly I was not the early-from-childhood type of person who embraced technology from birth.

    I was like you whom technology is still as fresh as you can tap into it, just like the westerners have used it and decided we should be incorporated. That is how I started and sky-rocketed by being dedicated and the result is enormous I must have to tell you.

    Yes! I know you have the "I do not need that attitude" towards technology, at least allow yourself to take a serious look at how your competition is using it.
    Look at yourself two times whenever you hear yourself saying “ I do not need that,” try to erase that thought and replace it by asking this question: “what could this do for me” check it out and verify if you are missing out and equally making your life harder than it needs to be.


    Lucky enough you are, nowadays almost all the technology you needed to succeed are no longer complicated and difficult to use.

    If technology is intimidating to you start with the little technology you know which is mobile devices.

    Computers and copiers are simple and available in the technical ability you can exert to succeed today. Many software packages have become intuitive or have a help that can enable you work your way through it in a smooth form.

    Bloggers, internet marketers and web developers like us are ever ready to help you with the programming aspect of it unlike before you could pay yourself out to have a blog or business sites.

    Just as you need not be a mechanic to drive a car, you do not have to be a programmer or techie to master a computer.

    3. WHAT ABOUT, I cannot afford it?

    In regard to technology, I know you must have thought about how high the price of getting all these needed gadgets may be.

    The truth is that, many people are not aware of how dramatically the prices for the items have dropped and will still be dropping as time goes on.

    In fact, since those materials first came into market, their prices have been reducing drastically at the rate of 20 percent to 30 percent a year.

    By carefully shopping for that equipment you can get them at affordable prices and their price will always worth it at the long run. You can start with as little as you can afford or even with old gadgets. Like I did, I started out with 8088 version of Dell desk-top computer.

    Learned the rudiments of operating a computer and as time go on, I was able to lay my hands on a fairly-used lap-top computer.

    So, as you see, there are easy ways you can afford to get the materials and or apply the services of the consultants which are all cheap. You can get your businesses running immediately without getting exhausted financially or stressing it out.

    You can get a referral from the internet or store where you bought your equipment, from a coach, or your peers can refer you to someone who know. I have found reasonable, excellent priced services and products in this form. Because, I was not techno-phobia in nature, I majored in it and found out that everything is easy and, the most beneficial is locating the real services or products at affordable price. I did and it favored me then.

    So, that is why Afridigit is saying you should move ahead now and design your blogs and business sites with her, afridigit is ready to partner with you as she did to many entrepreneurs out there and is still working on the projects of some other propreneurs.

    To develop your blogs, information marketing sites and business sites; contact me through my contact page; and your problems will be solved immediately.

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