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Welcome to "ridihow business matters and solutions". We know the challenges you face in the modern day business. And for that, we filter the real-minded entrepreneurs, netpreneurs and propreneurs out of the get-rich-quick individuals.

Sorry, this is not a get-rich-quick forum. This is for serious-minded and modern day entrepreneurs, netpreneurs and propreneurs who wants to grow their businesses legitimately to enviable levels within couple of years.


1. Create new businesses.
2. Manage their existing businesses.
3. Learn solutions to improve in the modern day businesses.

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    FROM PAYROLL TO PROFIT: we are not taught how to make it on our own.

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    My experience with thousands of people have shown me that the reason some people fail and some survive making it on their own is not usually what we read about or even the ones people talk about when ask why they have met with success, disappointment or failure.

    The answer is very simple, it is because; MOST OF US HAVE HAD VIRTUALLY NO PREPARATION FOR HOW TO BE OUR OWN BOSS.

    In fact, what we are taught in life about how to succeed is often opposed to what we need to do if we are going to succeed on our own. From the moment we are born, we are busy learning how to do what we are told. Stepping up to the educational system, it becomes a rule to the extent that the employers who are highly made up of the same payroll mentality, waits for our graduation and gets us stocked in the same process.

    Through this “ridihow business matters and solutions” we will talk about many things that are never talked about.

    New tools and new ways of thinking will be exposed that will enable you to make it on your own with a kind of confidence and certainty that was not possible before.

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