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    PART 1:--- How To Produce Music Sounds With FL Studio Software
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    With the aid of technology, everything goes easy and fast nowadays and music industry is not left behind. Days are gone when; if you want to be a musician you go about carrying a whole lot of instruments around to the studio. Now, you can turn your room into music studio with the help of computer and some software and one or two external midi to go with.

    I am about to introduce you into music sound production as an up-coming musician, for I am a producer for over ten years of experience producing jingles for radio and TV shows and individual artist and I think this is the time to use my talent to better the lives of the up-coming musicians. This is going to help you understand the concept of music genre and how to follow beats while singing or rapping.

    You will go about producing your own sound the way you want it done just like most musicians do, no more moving around from one producer to another and getting frustrated at last. But one thing you have to assure me of? I need your attention and patience because nothing good comes easy. I promise to do my best.
    There is much studio software to use but, I am a master of tremendous studio software called Fruity Loops. That is our studio software house; I chose it because it has everything you needed to produce a good sound. With a well-built piano rolls in it, the studio enables you to apply piano sound just as you could do with physical piano and even better. Attached to it is a master-mixer, to enable you mixing your song before exporting.
    We will be using fruity loops9 and the image is obtainable above. Sign-up with the website to be the first to get the newsletter, also to enable you receive information before hands.

    Date:--2018-05-25 18:05:56


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