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    3 Stages To Become a Movie Writer
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    Script writing for films is a rewarding and exciting work to do if you love writing. A lot hard work is needed into your art if really you want to write screenplay.

    You need to learn about screenwriting, work on getting noticed, and learn how to handle rejection. This is a great way to make living doing what you cherished.

    Below are the steps you need to get to the top:
    1. You Have To Educate Yourself;
    This has to do with you adopting a productive writing habit. Write every day and try to write for at least 25minutes and rest for 5minutes before continuing for another 25minutes, this will accumulate to full habit with time as it is our tiny activities daily that make-up the habit we form.

    2. Come By a Story;
    Constructing characters and story lines is what you should direct your writing skill to. You get to know that writing is not about typing something on the blank space No! You have to let the audience relate to the characters as you are teaching them. Note this, story have a beginning, middle and conclusion.

    3. Using a Screenplay Format Is Crucial;
    There are standard format for all movies when writing a screenplay. Making use of this will show future employers that yes! You really know what you are doing.

    4. Reading books about screenwriting will be of help;
    The top recommendations about books that deal with screenwriting are available with industry magazines. Visit them and make a library of what you could get out of them and read ahead of everybody.

    Two examples of such books are:
    (i) The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri.
    (ii) Screenplay by Syd Field.

    5. Endeavor to take a classes;
    Enroll on classes or seminars that deal on screenwriting to get enlightened and be a professional. If you have the ability, take class at a film school. There, you will be able to create screenplays with the help of professional writers.

    6. Get constructive criticism;
    Assuming you are taking classes or pursuing a degree, your professors will provide feedback in your graded work. But if you are not in school, your best option is to get a manager, who will work with you as you write your script. Satisfy every suggestion your professor or manager gives you. It will help you develop as a writer and improve your chances of success.

    7. Take note of successful screenplays and purchase them;
    To enable you see how the written words are translated into script. Here, you have to start with movies you are familiar with and if you get higher, try to get a genre for yourself to enable you graduate either into dramas, comedies, or documentaries.

    8. Make watching movies a hobby;
    Watch varieties of movies because, scripts are different from novels and academic write-ups, watching many movies will enable you expand your horoscope. It will also help you learn how screenwriters manage the pace of the film and deal with techniques such as intonation.


    9. Enter into contest, check-out yearly contest that are available and get involved in them. Search the net and you will see lots of contest available for you to participate on.

    10. Do not hesitate to submit your films to film festivals;
    To enter film festivals, you must not live in NYC or LA to get involved. There are film festivals hosted annually across the globe even in Nigeria.

    Get list of festivals that accept your genre. Order festivals by entry deadlines, before you enter, read the instructions carefully. Some festivals only consider films that are not under consideration at other locations.

    11. Expand your writing genre;
    Please, try something new. Assuming you write for super-heroic films, try writing something on historic adventures. This will show the producers that you are flexible and will keep your audience in state who are already tired of repeating genre.

    12. You need a manager;
    Managers will help you develop scripts; this is why new screenwriters should get a manger before seeking for an agent.
    They are always seeking new talent and will offer you tips for success that you would not find with an agent.

    13. Time to get an agent;
    They are the ones to help you sell your films. You can find agents at film festivals, pitch-fests, or seminars in your area. Screenwriting magazine and industry blogs that deals with this can help.

    14. Become a social butterfly (Network);
    This is the time to try being a social butterfly because; you cannot rely solely on your agent or manager to get your script noticed. Search for networking events, screenwriters online, and below are the questions to expect from them:
    . What makes yours different from everything in the market?
    . How do you project your budget for this movie?
    . What is obtainable in this your script that will make it a hit?
    . According to your own opinion, who is the ideal cast for this movie?


    15. Talk to an experienced screenwriter;
    Rejection as we all know is morally depleting and to avoid such you have to ask veteran writers how they have been coping and the level of rejections they embraced on the process. During your discussion, jot down any major points that might be helpful later on.

    16. Do revision and re-submit;
    Ask them previous managers why they rejected your script and make amend on those areas you are found wanting and re-submit. Try your hands also with other producers.

    17. Write many scripts;
    Another movie should be on your list, continue writing until you get to your hit script. Successful screenwriters did not write one or two scripts, they tried their hands on many before getting a burst on one. And also submit your works to different producers for this will increase your chances to become successful in this field.

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