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    7 Tips To Prevent Your Cat From Running Inside The Bush From Your House.
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    Cat is one of the agile animals that share the same family traits with the lions; tigers etc. while all these higher cats are at the illustration of cat itself. Having cat as a pet is good and many people love cat more than Dogs, like me, I love cats more than Dogs.

    Though cats are more prone to fear even though it is a strong animal, they are to be treated with carefulness and love for they are neat animals unlike Dogs. Major problems people experience from keeping cats as pets is the cat escaping inside the bush when not well treated.

    We are going to talk about 7 good preventive ways to avoid having your cat escape from your house to the bush and become a wild cat.

    1. Bath the cat with hot water 3times in a week:
    Hot water bathing have a role to play in preventing your cat from escaping to the bush, as a living experience, I inherited a good cat from my grandmother those days and she told me about this secret which I maintained and it worked well for me then.

    Look at what bathing a cat with hot water does. It will make the cat to run back home any time she is outside hence the rain started falling because, the water is not likely the same with what you normally used to bath her with. I tried it and it was working for me.

    2. Do not beat the cat:
    Avoid beating the cat no matter what, cats do not like molestation because, they are wise animals. If you molest your cat, she will quickly run into the bush for more safety. Using myself as an example; I owe a cat those days when I was still a kid, I treated my cat very good to the extent that, my cat even looked after my meat for me.

    It happened that when I left for secondary school studies, my younger ones started molesting my cat using the molestation process as a means to recreate themselves, behold, when I came back for holidays and asked about my cat, they told me it had run into the bush. I asked why; they said it ate meat and they beat her. I felt so bad so, avoid molesting your cat.

    3. Feed the cat properly:
    If you feed your cat properly, she will never think of moving out of that vicinity that does give her whatever she wants. You know cats like comfort-ability and if you provide one for them there will be no problems.

    4. Provide a partner cat for your cat:
    This enriches their soul, make proper provision of partner cat for her like; having a male and a female cat altogether is a good one. Through their mutual relationship, they cannot agree to escape together because they share different motive, one will call the other if escape is about to happen.

    5. Avoid breeding Dogs together with Cats:
    As you know, Dogs and Cats cannot stay together no matter how long they have been. A simple adage always say; “living like dog and cat” which means, having logger-head almost every time. From the beginning of the world, dogs and cats do not align together.
    Cats like comfort-ability and anything that may trouble her will be avoided no matter what it will cost the cat to obtain her comfort-ability. Even if it entails losing the best you do give to her and running inside the bush, the cat will do it.

    6. Train your cat to come when you call her:
    Many people do not know that cats can have name as dog do. Yes, it is possible. By the mere calling of “pusy, pusy, pusy” you see the cat yelling to your call even if they do not know you for the first time. So, giving your cat a name is a right thing to do that will guarantee that whenever you call on her she will appear.

    7. Enriched environment for your cat:
    An enriched environment is an added advantage for your cat because; it will provide a level of comfort-ability for her. Make sure you lock-up your cat whenever you have a repair services going on in your house because, this may create a fidgeting scenario for her and threaten her comfort-ability. A room for her with things to play with is always good not a cage.

    These are my excerpts for cat training and there are a whole lot other tips you can grab from similar messages from the internet because, this does not prove to be the best about cat training and prevention from running into the bush.

    But this is tips shared by someone who had the experience by having cat as a pet that latter escape into the bush due to all these preventive measures I shared lacking.

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    Written by Kingsley Anyi
    ridihow admin
    Date:--2018-06-08 09:27:20


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